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Ruaha National Park

As wild as Katavi but considerably more accessible, the Ruaha National Park is a fantastic place for those with a thirst for for blood to see predators and prey interacting as they have for millennia.

When the Great Ruaha River dwindles during the dry season, the park’s herds of impala and waterbuck must risk life and limb to get a sip of life-giving water. There to take advantage of this are large prides of lions as well as the solitary but no less lethal cheetah and leopards who call the park home.

The park is also a great place to see the diversity of Tanzania’s antelope population, with the Africa’s largest population of greater kudu calling the park home alongside other antelope of all shapes and sizes.

Over 10,000 elephants call the park home, and the park’s trees and skies are also home to more than 430 species of birds as well.


One of the best places in Tanzania to see predators in action, Ruaha is home to the country’s largest antelope variety as well as more than 10,000 elephants.
Predators include the big cats and crocodiles.